4 Psychological Tests For Personality Assessment

The company provides psychological tests to determine the character of prospective employees. This is done for personality assessment, whether it matches what is needed by the company.

Psychological test is a mental test of a person in order to know the true character of that person. This can be done in several ways, such as observation, interviews, and using tools.

In observations and interviews, you will get a psychological assessment. In addition, the use of tools will help  personality assessment and to assess a person’s intelligence. There are many types of psychological examinations. Here are some types of psychological tests that are commonly used, namely:


The most popular psychological test today is the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This personality check is carried out on the basis that each person understands the world through sensations, intuitions, feelings, and thoughts. The MBTI will examine each individual according to four bipolar dimensions, namely:

Attitude: the person will be judged whether the type of introvert or extrovert.

Sensing function: This method will measure whether a person understands and interprets new information using the five senses or intuition that is in his body.

Assessment function: This test will measure whether a person tends to make decisions based on rational thinking or empathetic feelings.

Lifestyle preferences: This assessment measures whether a person relates to the outside world primarily using judgment functions, such as thoughts or feelings, and perhaps using perceptual functions, such as sensing or intuition.


This psychological test will focus on the traits of persuasion, submission, dominance, as well as obedience. Some companies use this method for recruitment and suitability for the job. You, as a prospective employee, are required to fill out the answers from the test sheet according to their character. DISC can also detect how to communicate, personality, and stress levels.

Rorschach test

This test will use ten ink dots on paper and then you have to fold the paper to create a symmetrical design. In addition, the test takers will also be asked what the shape of the ink resembles. It is used to test the character personally and emotionally, as well as attitude and motivation.

Projective Size Test

Another test that may be done to examine a person’s psychology is projective measurement. This test serves to show a person’s perception of ambiguous stimuli. It is stated that this examination can see aspects of personality that are difficult to measure using objective tests. 

Those are the tests that can be done for personality assessment.

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